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Manufacturing of Pre-Engineered machine Parts

A.C. Tool & Machine Company, Inc. is large enough to handle production jobs up to 10,000 pieces, yet small and flexible enough to absorb, schedule and product a 1 or 2 piece breakdown, replacement part or proto-type in 1-2 days if necessary.*

We maintain an excellent working relationship with all of our subcontract vendors. They are also willing to re-schedule their workload on our behalf when a very short delivery lead time is required by our customers.

Our management team is very hands on and pro-active in working with our customers engineering department. If we see an opportunity to lower the cost of a part, improve a part, see a problem with the design of a part, or find a blueprint mistake we offer suggestions accordingly before manufacture begins.

AC Tool & Machine implements full first piece and in process inspection at each step for all manufactured parts by every employee involved in the manufacturing of the part to minimize scrap and avoid delivery delays.

We currently work with ISO 9000 9002 compliant companies. We are familiar with, and comfortable with all documentation requirements and inspection procedures that go along with the compliance process.

Our team is fully capable of reverse engineering parts should a need arise including creation of electronic print files with full part dimensioning.

We are willing to match or beat a customer supplied target price for a first time job run. We are confident that with our knowledge and experience, we will be able to even further reduce our customer costs by improving the method by which a part is manufactured on future orders.

Other unique (non-traditional) areas of machining that we offer include:

✦ Straight External Gear Cutting
✦ Cutting Spline Shafts
✦ CNC Keyway Broaching

AC Tool & Machine has been in business for 30 years, with our core management team in place for 25 years. 18 of our 30 employees have been with us for 12 or more years.

* Assumes no special sub-contracting requirements such as heat treating, gear hobbing, EDM work etc. that would require additional days to complete part. Under these conditions, some additional time would be required.