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Manufacturing of Pre-Engineered machine Parts

A.C. Tool & Machine Company, Inc. is a Contract Manufacturer of OEM & Replacement parts for the machine building industry. We commonly make parts in quantities of 1 & 2 pieces, and have the capability to handle moderate lot runs up to 10,000 pieces. We often handle the set-up intensive, tight tolerance work that other manufacturers do not want to quote.

Our management team has a very hands-on approach, working with our customers to aid their engineering departments to improve the manufacturability & quality of their parts while often lowering their cost. They continually review all jobs as they are processed through our facility to ensure that the quality meets or exceed customer expectations while making sure they completed in a timely manner.

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A.C. Tool & Machine Company, Inc. has been in business since 1979. We have a clean, modern 18,000 sq. ft. facility. We strive to keep our equipment and supporting technology current. We invite you to give us a try so that we can become your source solution for all of your proto-type, productions & custom machining needs.

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